May 18, 2021


Are you looking for color change wraps for your vehicle or an update to your vehicle graphics?

Well if you are, Monster Image in Fountain Valley can help you out. We pride ourselves on our detailed execution, and here is an example of this. KG Lock & Gate Services recently came to us to update their Chevy Van and left with an eye-catching design. Check out the photos below and see for yourself.

Monster Image only uses premium 3M vinyl for our vehicle wraps. 3M offers many vinyl wrap colors in different finishes that include gloss, satin, matte, carbon fiber, brushed and other textured finishes. Vehicle wraps are especially great for businesses because they provide a never ending supply of advertisement. Wrapped vehicles are an endless way to get noticed on the road to potential new customers. So why paint when you can wrap?

Color change wraps also provide protection to your cars original paint. Your vehicle can achieve a glossy or matte finish for a fraction of what it would cost to paint it. They also provide companies with the ability to change designs whenever needed. Our in-house designers can also help create a design for your vehicles.

Monster Image can produce high quality and affordable wraps for your car, truck, tour bus, RV, trailer & more. We also offer a variety of digital printing services, so call us for a quote today!

We design, print & install custom vehicle graphics, car wraps, window graphics, floor graphics, banners, wall murals, decals, signs and all types of large format printing.
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