We also print on a variety of materials on our new in-house UV flatbed printer. Not only is the end result crisper and cleaner, but it is also much more versatile.

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The results of printing on wood are truly amazing. Printing on wood without a white layer of ink allows you to see the woodgrain, which gives an impressive result. If you do not want to see the woodgrain in your print….we can do that too!

The possibilities are endless. Printing artwork for art shows, trade shows, and galleries are one of the ways our clients get their products to stand out when printing on wood. Monster Image can print on custom tables, drumsticks, board games, toys, puzzles….you name it!


Not only can Monster Image print directly onto metal, we can also create the illusion of brushed metal, or rusted out, corroded metal. We have the ability to replicate any texture in the process. The end result is very realistic, and often much more cost-effective than the real thing.

Photo-impact printing is also an affordable and easy way to personalize titanium, platinum, silver, copper and gold objects. Photographic imagery and logo branding to giftware items are just some ways to apply printing to metal.


Essentially, what sets this flatbed printer out from the crowd is its UV curing technology. This type of printer will allow us to print directly onto materials like plastic, pvc and acrylic with record speed and incredible detail – all while maintaining the highest industry standards for environmentally responsibile printing processes!

Having the ability to print on plastic brings a whole new element to printing. We can customize a variety of promotional products such as USB Drives, cell phone cases, custom license plate frames, and so much more.


At Monster Image, we have many years of experience of printing on vinyl. Our flatbed printer can take it a step further and make custom banners, signs, stickers, and just about anything up to 4” thick.

Monster Image is a large format printing company, so we are not limited by size. Monster Image also offers printing for trade show booths, exhibits, art galleries, and other large scale special events.


A UV flatbed Valley gives us the ability to make just about anything customizable. Another material that we have the ability to print on is glass. We can personalize mirrors, glass tables, glass jars, trophies or awards. Wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, martini glasses and more – raise your glass! These personalized glassware items are sure to catch the eye of beverage holders at promotional events, the grand opening of your restaurant, wedding or special occasion. Order our custom glassware imprinted with your logo or message.

More examples of glassware we can print include Moscow Mule Mugs, Barware, Beer Glasses, Beer Growlers, Beer Mugs, Brandy Glasses, Candy Jars, Ceramic Beer Steins, Champagne Flutes, Cocktail Glasses, Crystal Glassware, Drinking Glasses, Frosted Shot Glasses, Goblets, Highball Glasses, Hurricane Glasses, Margarita Glasses, Martini Glasses, Martini Shakers, Mason Jars, Pilsner Glasses, Pint Glasses, Pitchers, Plastic Beer Mugs, Vases, Votive Candle Holders, and more!


Our UV printer is capable of printing on many textures, materials, and objects. We have printed custom guitars, and are able to print on just about any material.

We can also print on canvas which is ideal for artists who want to recreate original artworks or for galleries that want to produce art and photography. Overall, whatever your printing needs, Monster Image is here to help.


What is UV flatbed printing?

UV printing is a quick hard drying process that makes it possible to print on non-traditional materials. The ink dries though a light process, making your print much more vibrant. Because the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately, the dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread out once printed, resulting in much finer detail. In addition, UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading.

Is UV printing durable?

Yes! UV printing is very durable. The scratch-resistant surface makes the handling, transportation, and installation much improved. Plus this has a better tolerance to walk-by traffic than most. A tougher product ultimately lasts longer.

Is flatbed printing cost effective?

Yes! Flatbed printing is very cost effective. Flatbed printing is overall lower in cost because there is no need for additional materials and labor for mounting onto a second substrate. The surface does not need to be protected by an over-laminate or be placed under glass either.

What can I print on?

The great thing about flatbed printing is that you can print on many different surfaces. Monster Image can print one or two sided UV direct flatbed prints. We can print on un-coated stocks and non-porous materials. This flexibility offers tons of printing options!

Our state of the art UV Flatbed Printer can print direct to all types of substrates and products including:
• Vinyl
• Acrylic
• Canvas
• Paper
• Foam
• Coroplast
• Styrene
• Wood
• Metal
• Plastic
• Glass
• Leather
• Stone
• Brick
• Porcelain
• Rubber
• Fabric
• Cardboard
And more...

How large can you print?

Although our flatbed printers surface is a 4’ x 6’ area, Monster Image’s printing capabilities are virtually unlimited. Any images larger than 4 feet by 8 feet can be combined. We can print up to 2.0″ (50 mm) thick substrates/materials.

How are UV cured prints used?

You’d be surprised how many UV printed products are around you. UV prints are in any environment where graphic communication is needed — so that’s just about everywhere!

UV prints are used for signs, exhibit graphics, trade show booths, point of purchase displays, banners, flags, retail décor, interior design, backlit graphics, consumer products, posters, flooring, wallpaper and much more.
We design, print & install custom vehicle graphics, car wraps, window graphics, floor graphics, banners, wall murals, decals, signs and all types of large format printing.
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