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Our team will involve you in the process from beginning to end. You can count on our creative professionals to help you through every aspect involved in personalizing and customizing your vehicle or other project. You will know exactly what you are getting before any installation begins.

Designing a wrap for a vehicle requires multiple disciplines of expertise. The design team at Monster Image specializes in vehicle wrap design. We understand every detail of this highly specialized design process. We ensure that the design and branding effectively represents your company, business or product while utilizing the most sophisticated design techniques.

Creative illustration, using unique and powerful ideas, is fundamental to the design process. However, the well branded vehicle wrap is more than just the design – it’s knowing how to effectively convey your message with this specific media type. During this design process, we will work directly with you by addressing your overall marketing goals and specific design requirements.

Our designers incorporate the key elements of branding and promotion and they highlight the distinguishing and identifiable characteristics of your business and image to create a one-of-a-kind design for your wrap. Whether you simply have a theme in mind or you know exactly how you want it to look, our designers will take the time to guide you through the process. They will refine the design based on any suggestions or requests that you may have until you have signed off on a final product. We will always keep you in the loop. Ultimately, and most important, we will produce a brilliant vehicle wrap design that effectively communicates your message.


Monster Image offers superior design, personalized service, and professional installation. All of our services are available nationwide. We have installers in every state. Many of our corporate clients require design & installation in multiple locations each week.

We have the ability to accommodate rush orders and provide 24 hour installation services if the project requires. No job is too big for us to handle!


In the vehicle wrap industry, the installation is where it counts. It’s where the design and printed product come together and the vision is achieved. The benefit of having a great design and print would be undermined if the installation is second rate. Our installers are capable of handling the most intricate vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics installations. They are specialists at this trade and no detail is ever too small.

Proper installation of a vehicle wrap, window graphic or many of the other products Monster Image offers, takes time. In this business, the most experienced professionals are not those who work fast, but instead are those who have learned the importance of taking the time to achieve perfection. When wrapping a vehicle, perfection means paying strict attention to every single detail.

Each project that is installed by our highly trained, certified professionals is a tribute to their work. When a single mistake can permanently damage the original finish on your vehicle, taking the time to devote their complete attention to every aspect of the wrapping process is a fundamental skill that is possessed by every member of our team.

Certified & Insured Design and Installation

Our team of installers are 3M Certified and Insured. It takes four components to make a graphic message stand out: a great design, the right graphics materials, a skilled graphics manufacturer and expert graphic installation. One without the other can reflect badly on the whole job, reducing the impact the brand owner wants to achieve.

Monster Image employs well-trained graphics installers with the credentials to back them up.

Nationwide & 24 Hour Services

Monster Image has installers in every state. Many of our corporate clients require design & installation in multiple locations each week. We have the ability to accommodate rush orders and provide 24 hour installation services if the project requires. No job is too big for us to handle!


If our brand requires multiple window graphics installed across the US on the same day to launch a product. Can you handle it?

Absolutely. We have the administrative power and logistical knowledge to roll out any campaign you turn over to us. Recently we installed over 45 different window graphics in over 45 different locations on the same day for one of our apparel customers. Put your trust in us and relieve your team. We can do it!

What are the artwork requirements if I have a designer of my choice create my design?

While Monster Image can offer professional design services, we have also worked with outside designers to produce artwork that demands attention. When it comes to vehicle wraps, we are familiar with a car’s intricacies (such as gas tank door, molding placement and more) and design our wraps accordingly.

Here are is a list of files that we are able to accept • .eps – most vector data is acceptable, provided all artwork is converted to curves or outlines (Illustrator). Illustrator artwork must be saved to• .tif, .psd, .jpg – these bitmap/raster files must be a the exact dimensions of the vehicle and cannot have a resolution lower than 72dpi. We prefer to have a layered .psd file with the text layers rasterized.

For more information regarding artwork submission requirements, please contact us.

Are your installers experienced?

Of course! In addition to years of hands on experience, our installers have passed rigorous testing, verifying their ability to handle all types of vinyl installations including complex curves and vehicle wraps.
We design, print & install custom vehicle graphics, car wraps, window graphics, floor graphics, banners, wall murals, decals, signs and all types of large format printing.
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