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Smart retailers must employ powerful retail POP products to remain competitive.

Retail Displays

At Monster Image, we design, produce, and install a large variety of retail displays for businesses in Orange County, LA County and nationwide. Our displays create unique brand and shopper experiences. We specialize in all types of point of purchase displays, light boxes, wall & window graphics, and start-to-finish retail build outs.

Point of Purchase Displays

Smart Orange County retailers must employ powerful retail Point of Purchase (POP) products to remain competitive. Since an estimated 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself, effective POP displays can have a dramatic impact on sales for a particular product category or brand.

Custom POP displays can take various forms, including shelf-mounted signs, hanging posters, banners or back light signs. These displays are used to catch the customer’s eye and stand out above all other brands. Many uses and advantages of POP displays include  window or counter top displays, floor stands and banners. POP displays engage and encourage an “impulse purchase” which easily increases revenue and establishes brand awareness.

High resolution and full color retail displays are constructed of high quality materials consisting of acrylic, sintra, coroplast, foamcore, gatorboard and more. Our in-house design team takes your concept or design and creates beautiful displays to meet your needs.

Why use Point of Purchase displays?

  • Demands Attention- Capture customer’s attention when they are in the mood to purchase.
  • Cost Effective Advertising- Point of sale displays provide high returns on investment.
  • Highlight Features- Eye catching designs attract customers.
  • Increased Sales- Point of Purchase displays draw attention to sales and specials.
  • Brand Building- Increase sales with proven attention-grabbing displays of merchandise.

Light Box Displays

Lightboxes are a cost-efficient visual display solution for Orange County retailers. Its display offers bright illumination with high-quality durable construction,  in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles.  And it is diffused evenly with LED lamps – bringing your graphics, posters, and photographs to life.

They are an ideal visual presentation solution for retail stores, trade shows, museums, healthcare facilities, showrooms, and other spaces where display advertising or branding is needed. Light boxes can be wall-mounted, freestanding, ceiling-mounted, or hanging to best fit your application and environment.

Wall Murals

Do you own a retail store, spa or gym? Are you looking to impress your clients with a unique decor solution?

Do you own a property management office looking to enhance its properties? A school or dental office?

Monster Image of Orange County offers thousands of high quality images, designs and patterns that will create an ambiance that your customers won’t forget! Whether you are looking for an extreme makeover, seasonal change, or simply to add an accent to your space, Monster Image can help you and your business achieve these goals.

Window Vinyl

Vibrant. Eye-catching. Head-turning.

There’s plenty of ways to drive more customers into your store, but one of the easiest and most effective options is to invest in store window graphics. With their enticing, full color imagery, shop window graphics transform your storefront, helping you stand out from the rest of the block.

At Monster Image, designing and ordering your custom store window graphics is simple. Contact us in Orange County! We can install window vinyl anywhere in the world.

Retail Display Buildouts

Make no mistake about it: The appearance and layout of store displays can be just as important to your success as the products you sell.

The composition of your merchandise, your store décor and your visual merchandising techniques are all essential to your customers’ experience. Great visual merchandising can spell the difference between customers who make multiple purchases and those who wander in and out of your shop empty-handed.

Monster Image can help retailers and brands create excitement and showcase products.

Vehicle Wrap FAQ

Retail Displays
Why use point of purchase (POP) displays?

Effective point of purchase displays increase retail sales of products, which benefits both retailers and consumer product companies.

Creative custom displays in Orange County can also convey brand messages and product attributes, facilitating informed buying decisions for consumers and connection with brands that suit their lifestyles and values.

Retail Displays
Can a small business benefit from using retail displays?

Yes, absolutely. We laminate every vehicle print. This provides durability from scratches, as well as UV protection from the sun’s rays and slows down fading. The most ideal laminate for vehicle vinyl is our 3M High Gloss laminate. This High Gloss material is easy to wash and maintain. It can also be waxed to ensure a longer lasting life. We also Luster and Matte overlaminates as well.

Retail Displays
I don't have a graphic designer on staff. Can you help me with the design of my retail displays?

Yes, we offer graphic design services for large-format retail displays. Our Orange County & Los Angeles designers will work with you to create artwork based on your brand, exhibiting objectives and budget.

Retail Displays
What types of backlit display lightboxes are available?

Our new slimline LED lightboxes are only 1 inch thick, hang as easy as hanging a picture and deliver beautiful color images. The QuickSnap front-loading frame makes these lightboxes very easy to change out backlit films. Available in size 8 sizes from 12 inch x 20 inch to 36 inch x 60 inch. Available in brushed silver ad gloss black.