Transform your empty window into an attractive advertising space.

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Transform your empty window into an attractive advertising space that enhances your brand or product, with custom window graphics from Monster Image of Orange County, Ca.

Monster Image has been producing custom window graphics and lettering for store fronts and buildings in the Southern California area, as well as nationwide, for many years. Window advertising can be a powerful way to communicate your product or service and raise public awareness of your company’s brand directly at your point of sale.

Monster Image utilizes our high quality, large format, digital printing services to accommodate both retail and building windows with vibrant vinyl window wraps and lettering.


Solid vinyl windows offer vivid color, excellent detail, and superior quality prints. We offer a range of solid vinyl materials. Choose from temporary fully removable vinyl to premium long term material, backed with the 3M performance warranty. We also apply a UV laminate to our solid vinyl. It not only prefects the print, but can add a custom finish for a professional result.

Whether it’s a small window at a surf shop in Orange County or main mall entrance anywhere in the United States, Monster Image specializes in printing and installing every size window graphic.


Perforated window graphics are another great way to attract customers to your storefront or place of business. Perforated window vinyl is also popular because it will allow for some light, and is also view through. This ideal film works similar to a window tint on the inside, with brilliant color images outside.

We specialize in creating full color storefront window displays that will help to drive customers through your door. Our perforated vinyl window displays are perfect for any retail storefront.

Our Perforated Graphics:
• Attract the attention of potential customers.
• Look like full color displays from the street, but are designed to be almost invisible from inside your store, which allows you to still see out.
• Can be made to fit any size windows.
• Are available in both unlaminated and laminated for a longer lasting image.


Custom Window Decal Features:

• Custom window decals can be applied to any glass surface.
• Graphic front with an adhesive back.
• Perfect for special promos and branding.
• Vibrant Colors with our state of the art printing technology.
• Installs in minutes, looks great for years.

Die Cut window vinyl is another ideal solution when you don’t want to completely cover your windows. Our printer allows us to print and die cut any shape or image, to deliver outstanding graphics.

Displays like this bring your store front to life, and can be printed at 1440 dpi for amazing resolution quality. Custom window graphics can inform potential customers with news of promotions, sales, store hours, new inventory, or your company logo. Custom window decals are a crucial driving force for attracting new customers into a business in Orange County.

Custom window decals are perfect for all industries including:
• Retail
• Food and Beverage
• Restaurant
• Commercial
• Government


Frosted window vinyl offers an etched-glass appearance, reminiscent of rice paper partitions used in Japanese décor. These films are an inexpensive and are convenient to add privacy on glass walls and partitions. Frosted vinyls can also be die cut into logos and designs for a custom sign applications.


What are some common uses of window graphics?

Window decals are commonly used for advertisements in storefront or car windows. They are popular in Orange County because they can be cut into customized shapes and sizes, and unlike paint, they can be removed easily by our professional installers. Businesses often use window decals to display the name of their business, and some important details such as the hours of operation or contact information.

Can you see through the window graphics?

We have different types of materials. Perforated window vinyl allows you to see out of the windows, while displaying the image on the outside. Solid window graphics allow for a vibrant image on the outside, without the ability to see out the window from the inside.

Will vinyl window graphics reduce the light that comes through the window?

Yes. Perforated window vinyl consists of tiny holes that are spaced in even intervals across the face of the vinyl surface. The different perforation patterns allow various amounts of natural light to pass through without completely obstructing vision from those on the opposite side of the window.

There are different types of perforations to choose from, depending upon how much light you want to come through the window. Solid vinyl film lets virtually no light through at all. This is useful when trying to block out a window from the hot Orange County sun.

Are the graphics applied to the inside or outside of the window?

Adhesive backed graphics are applied to the outside of the window under most circumstances. Monster Image also installs inside mounted graphics to avoid vandalism.

Do vinyl window graphics offer any protection from the sun?

Yes. Perforated window vinyl acts like a layer of window tint and will shade the shade the windows. Solid window vinyl blocks the 100% of the sunlight in Orange County. As standard procedure, Monster Image applies either a matte or gloss laminate to all of our window vinyl. The lamination protects the surface of the print from UV fading and common abrasions.

How are vinyl window graphics installed?

Window decals are applied by vigorously cleaning the surface area with a cleaning agent such as rubbing alcohol. The vinyl is then removed from its backing and strategically placed on the wall or window.

The vinyl is pressed down with a flat surface to remove any bubbles or marks on the surface. It is highly important to let the vinyl sit and dry without being touched for at least an hour so no new air marks are introduced.

For best results, it is recommended to have the entire process done by a professional vinyl decal installer at Monster Image in OC.

How long can the window vinyl or decals stay in place?

The decals can stay in place for up to several years so long as they exist in the proper climate (not too wet) and are not exposed to significant amounts of heat or water.

How is the window vinyl removed?

Using heat, our professional vinyl installers carefully peel off the vinyl, and try not to leave any remaining marks. In case marks do occur, soap and water or window cleaner may be used as a way to leave the surface completely clean.

Will the decals damage the window in any way?

If applied and removed correctly, the decal will leave the glass surface as good as new.

Can I re-use the same vinyl decal more than once?

No, unfortunately our vinyl decals are made for one-use only. They will not snap back to full elasticity after having been peeled off their first surface.
We design, print & install custom vehicle graphics, car wraps, window graphics, floor graphics, banners, wall murals, decals, signs and all types of large format printing.
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