June 11, 2021


Car and truck wraps are an excellent marketing method.

If your business has vehicles, why not take advantage of advertising to potential customers day and night? Monster Image recently printed, designed, and installed this truck for Catalina Pest Control. This design is a simple yet effective way to reach a wider audience.

A truck wrap can cover every inch of a vehicle’s exterior without harming a driver’s vision. Alternatively, a wrap might only cover part of the truck. Whether it covers the entire surface of a truck or a smaller area, the wrap will be specially designed for the size and shape of your trucks so that it displays your message in a visually appealing and professional manner. Your logo, color scheme and text will be on view and visible to drivers throughout the day.

You may think that fleet truck warps are only meant for large companies that have several trucks in their fleet, but even the smallest companies can benefit from truck wraps. Even if you don’t own your trucks and rent them for work, you might be allowed to place an easily removable decal on the rented vehicles.

Work Truck Wrap
Business truck vinyl wrap
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