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Removable Trade Show Floor Graphics for Cadillac

Removable Trade Show Floor Graphics for Cadillac

Removable Trade Show Floor Graphics for Cadillac

Let your trade show graphics help you reach out and grab attendees off the show floor. Graphics are hugely important at events as they communicate your marketing message before your target prospects even get a chance to speak with your booth staff.

As a sponsor the ComplexCon yearly festival and exhibition in Long Beach, CA, Cadillac had a one-of-a-kind immersive experience with this eye dropping booth. Monster Image of Orange County showed our technical expertise by installing over 1200 SF of this 3D flooring that required perfect alignment.   We love creative projects such as this and have the team to handle the job from start to finish.

All car graphics are custom designed to suit the needs of each unique business, so you will never have to worry about one of your competitors copying your designs. Similar to other forms of advertising—billboards, posters, bus benches, or TV or radio commercials—fleet vehicle wraps can be a great way to promote your business to a wide range of potential customers. The great thing about fleet wraps is that they provide the added bonus of being completely mobile. This makes it easier to advertise to people wherever you go. Vehicle wraps also only require a one-time payment for years of advertising.

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